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Welcome to my website! 

As a photographer, I am not locked into a single genre. As you move through my Gallery and Portfolio you will see images of sweeping landscapes, grand vistas, cascading waters and awe inspiring natural formations. You will also see images of dark, dark night skies and both lunar and solar events. You will see infrared images in color ranges the naked eye does not see. There are examples of artistic landscapes using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) techniques. You will even see the occasional portrait - human or animal. Basically, you will see a variety of images. But my passion is landscape. Mother Nature at her best.


I am a devoted Canon shooter. I started out my DSLR journey with a Canon 20D and kit lenses. Today I shoot with the R5 mirrorless body and a selection of RF lenses from 14mm up to 500mm focal length. I use Singh-Ray and Breakthrough Photography filters for color, and Kolari Vision and LifePixel filters for Infrared. None of these are endorsements; these are what I chose and am now comfortable and satisfied using.

Photography to me is a great adventure and a thrilling journey. It doesn't matter to me what the subject might be. Every photographic opportunity is a technical and artistic challenge that enthuses me. I feel so alive when I am behind the viewfinder. I hope you enjoy what I saw through the lens.

Thank you for visiting!


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Ansel Adams said of photography:

“I am sure the next step will be the electronic image, and I hope I shall live to see it. I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop.”

He did not live to see it. Ansel Adams died in 1984 - 4 years before the first DSLR was introduced by Nikon. But, he saw it coming and pondered how it would change photography and photographers. He worried photographers would focus more on the developing technical capability and less on how to make impactful photos.

I am rightfully accused of being a bit "Old School". What you see in one of my photos is what I saw through the lens. I do not "Photoshop" features into or out of an image. If it wasn't there when I captured the image it won't be there when you see the image. Similarly, if there is a feature in an image when I capture it, that feature will be there when you see the image. The lone exception is Faux Color - a technique of adding creative colors to an infrared image. They are beautiful images, very artistic, but they are not what the eye saw. To me, the art is in the composition, not in heavy post-processing. An impactful photo is created a few inches behind the viewfinder. 

I do work hard on every image to draw out the best of exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance and sharpness. The final tone and presence should be the very best possible for every image.  

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