Jim Campbell Photography


I am very pleased to have you visit my download site! Here you will find a selection of my photos in a range of categories. Please browse the various Folders and Galleries for a sampling of my work. If you see something you like, please let me know so I can arrange a download password.

If you have already received a download password, just open the Gallery and press the download arrow at the bottom, right of the image. You will be prompted for the password.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

A little about me.

I am a photographer with a very wide range of interests. To me, every opportunity to capture a memorable image is an opportunity worth pursuing. I do not limit myself to one genre. I believe in being multi-faceted. You can see in the Folders and Galleries everything from portraits to wildlife; from sweeping landscapes to starry, starry nights; from ambient light interiors to infrared images capturing light the human eye cannot detect. Wherever I turn my eye I tend to see an image to be captured. This is why I also try to carry camera gear wherever I go. You just never know when your next opportunity for that timeless image will arise.

I am a loyal Canon user. The images in the various galleries were all taken with Canon camera bodies and lenses. While I tend to keep my gear current with technology developments, it isn't the gear that creates great images. Great images are created about 12 inches behind the lens.                           

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